Warnemunde & Rostock: German Baltic

Berlin is certainly one of the great cities of Europe with much to see and do. But it is also over three hours drive from the Baltic coast. Unless you know you will never visit Berlin again, I would not recommend six or more hours of driving for a city visit of about five or six hours in Berlin. I would stay on the coast to see Warnemunde, a quiet beach town with nice restaurants and shopping or historic Rostock, one of the wealthy Hanseatic ports that became rich during the late middle ages. If you know you will not return and you have not visited Berlin, perhaps the drive is worth it.

We had a nice time in Warnemunde and Rostock without visiting any museums or other traditional sites. We just wandered and shopped, enjoying the ambience of the medieval Baltic towns.

Warnemunde’s main tourist drag is called Alter Strom and winds along a canal that empties into the Baltic. It reminds me of a New England beach town with it’s quaint beach houses and tourist boutiques. The beach is wide and active with nice white sand. You can take a harbor cruise or just have an ice cream while watching the tourists walk by. There are a few attractions, but mainly it is just a nice place to relax.

Inland along the Warnow River, Rostock is about 8 miles from Warnemunde. We took the local train which took a little less than 30 minutes and included fare for the tram to get into the historic walled city center. Several beautiful churches, towers that once served as gates in the wall, city squares and the harbor are the main attractions here. We went into one church, but otherwise just enjoyed the medieval appeal of the place.


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